SRS "coming up on" 2 years - where i'm at

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    Jan 17, 2005
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    I have 22 months and 7 days or 677 days clean/sober.

    I have been slacking on meetings a little lately. I was going to a meeting every night for the first year. Now I go to usually 2 regular meetings a week.


    I am a Panel Leader at a local long term treatment facility every other Monday night for an NA H&I committment.


    I go to a private weekly Step group where we use the Step Working Guide. Its about 7-8 guys and we answer every question. Its pretty intense. The person who started it said, "Be prepared for a two year committment" and considering the pace, I believe him. The "Flat Book" is very in-depth.

    I feel like I'm not attending enough meetings or am active enough, even with the above mentioned activities.

    I was thinking this Monday night during the committment, "I have sponsored guys before, but at almost 2 years clean, currently have no sponsees".

    Right after the committment, a patient asked me to sponsor him. I said yes. Funny how things work.

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