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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by owned 4 life, Jan 9, 2004.

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    i just bought an ECS KT600 motherboard, they booted it up at the store, and when i got home and put it inot my comp nothing happened. My processor fan and CD-RW where the only thing's that got any power. It's an older tower, but has a new hard drive, CD-RW and floppy drive. I'm running a 1Gb AMD processor and 2 sticks of 128 Ram.
    What could the problem be?
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    Was the same RAM and processor used on bootup at the store? If not, there may be issues with the RAM or processor install you did.

    Is everything plugged into the board?

    Have you pulled everything out including RAM and processor to determine if the motherboard will beep? If it beeps (meaning its determined it doesn't have the means to show a visual error so it beeps an error code), then the motherboard is probably ok and its either a RAM or processor issue (plug one in and see if the beep pattern changes). Plug both in and does the beeping stop? If not, you have a motherboard problem.

    If the beeps stop, then toss in a video card (assuming its not embedded). Then toss something else in (next good choice would be a hard drive). Keep adding hardware until everything is back in the machine and the machine continues to boot. If you put a piece of hardware in the machine and it fails to boot, then the last piece you put in has issues.

    Or you had some static discharge fry your motherboad while taking it home and/or installing it. Check for the beeping and go from there. Also make sure you're not shorting anything out too. And verify all your motherboard connectors and other gadgets (like RAM and processor) are plugged in properly and securely.

    If it still doesn't work, then take it back to the shop and let them figure it out.

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