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    So I just got a Canon S200 digital camera. It came with a puny 8MB CF Card, and I want to get either a 256MB or 128MB CF card.

    Would it really matter if I got a 'high-speed' card? Such as a 12x rather than a 4x? I mean, would it be a matter of microseconds or an few solid seconds of reading/writing?

    There's a good deal on a 128MB Lexar but it's a 4x CF card, which may be a reason for it being a little cheaper. I'm just wondering if I'd even notice much of a difference.

    Also, what's the difference between Type I and Type II? Pros/cons of each?

    There was this benchmark test a while back, does anyone have the link? I cant seem to find it anymore.

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    Honestly. I have no idea what the difference between the TYPE I and II card are I just know that there is a size difference.

    As far as the speed of the card goes. It will matter, if your camera can take advantage of a faster card speed. If it can't take advantage of it then it really doesn't. I would check out the storage and media forum over at to see what other people use in their S200s. I just picked up a 12x Lexar CF card from Here's the link. Looks like it has also dropped in price by about $2.00 since I purchased it.

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