A&P Complete noob, first shots with my new D70 (plus a question about borders)

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Alt+F4, Mar 18, 2006.

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    My wife got her bonus on Thursday, and I had her cash it before we deposited it in our bank, only because I only get to see this much money in one place once a year, haha. Unfortunately today it's going into savings for the next house. How boring. Anyways, I got my D70 this week and these are my first pictures. First one was in macro mode (um, with the flower), second was on full manual with me just effing around with the settings.



    I used the phidong video thing about adding borders, and in the end he saves the resized/bordered image. How does he do that without saving with the same filename as the original? I added "_resized_bordered" to the end of my filename, but then when I played the action for the next photo, it saved it using the same filename as the first. Any way around that?

    *edit - also, I seem to have lost the EXIF data on the second image. How does that happen?

    Thanks...and please be nice to the noob.
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    --photoshopping a photo sometimes gets rid of the EXIF
    --sorry, I don't know much about actions, I just redo it each time I want to add borders
    --if you really want to learn more about the camera, refrain from using the Scenes and Auto Mode.

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