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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by b0vine, Dec 29, 2007.

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    So Ive started dating this girl with whom I have been the best of friends with for about a year. Weve been dating for around 3 months. Im not saying things are bad, I know things are fantastic between the two of us. The trust that is shared between us is a brand of trust that I would share with someone like my mother. Its really good. But there something strange about some things with me:

    When the topic of "love" is brought up I find it difficult to say whether or not I have experienced true love. I thought I had been in love previously, but there are certain things that lead me to believe I have yet to be:

    When Im around my girlfriend, or just thinking alot about her, I get this feeling that is completely impossible to identify. Its not a happy feeling, a sad feeling, its just confusing. I am very happy with how things between us are, its almost perfect. Is that strange feeling love? Its actually sometimes a little frightening, but interesting. Could that be it?

    ANY INPUT? Anyone else felt that way?

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    Are you trying to figure out what love really is?

    BTW, props on being able to date a friend. That doesn't happen very often.
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    I can't really comment on the whole love thing because it sounds as if you've never been actually in love and you don't know what to expect. Let it flow. If you care that much for her, feelings will grow and you will know. You can't mistaken it.

    Main reason for me replying is because I just wanted to say that the most important thing in a relationship is to be friends. My last ex, that I was actually in love with, and I were best friends. You couldn't ask for more. I just fucked up and let her go. I'll just end and say recently her and I started communicating again after 4 years and it was like nothing had changed. Anyhow, take advantage of this. To me, the #1 thing in a relationship, first you have to be best friends for it to work. If not, scrap it.
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    It could be. Why worry about if it is? Just go with the feeling.

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