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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by SwedishDude, Apr 16, 2005.

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    I am running Windows 2000 and whenever I came to my computer this morning, whenever I try to play music it doesnt play, it says low on memory, whenever I open any Microsoft Word program it gives me some error about a license, and whever I try to copy and paste anything, it doesnt let me. I have a few partitions on my hard drive and whenever I copy one file or a folder or anything, I cannot paste it anywhere. If I open Control Panel, the screen doesnt appear as usual, all the icons are on two columns on the lft side with a scroll bar next to them. If I try to open Add/Remove programs, it comes up all garbled. I was going to just reformat the whole computer but it will not boot from the cd rom drive now. And whenever the computer is booted in W2K and I try to browse the CD in My Computer, it just says "Please insert disk in drive...." Also, whenevr I restart, it sits on my desktop for about 5 minutes before it finally brings up the icons and everything. It has never done any of this, it just started this morning. What is wrong with my computer?!?!? Any ideas?
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    How much free disk space do you have?
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    i have a 40gb hard drive partioned into like 4 drives, with close to 20 or so free...

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