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Jun 30, 2008
shitpost city
Yep I have 3 display port to DVI adapters and 1 OG DVI cable and have zero issues


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Dec 27, 2006
Olathe, KS
Have you tried using base 64 instead of hex?
I tried using base64_encode() in php but it didn't seem to be working in c# and the file size got larger which doesn't make sense to me.

I would have thought base64 would make the file size smaller but a 140kb file with it stored in a hex string became a 180kb file in base64. What ever format I use it is going to ascii in the json but I would have thought ascii of a base64 string would still be smaller. If I echo to binary in php it works to a webpage wihtout any conversion. So I know the file binary data is not corrupt in the database.

Holy Shit... I just got it working
before I used bin2Hex I had seen that my JSON was getting messed up by the binary so I got it to load in my JSON reading class by apply this filter to it before it added it to the JSON.
$image = str_replace("\\", "/", $image);
I didn't need that line when using bin2Hex and removed it and it allowed it to work.

Thank you for being my rubber ducky.
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*walks in Spanish*
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Nov 11, 2001
San Diego
:rofl: I was thinking this, but wasn't going to call him out on it.

Because I do still use Winamp afterall :mamoru:
It really does whip the llama's ass though...
winamp is 100x more excusable
I still use Foobar2000 with a fully customized theme.

I spent so many years hoarding lossless music I still like to listen to them instead of Spotify. :o
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Dec 27, 2006
Olathe, KS
I wonder if YT Premium payouts have any sort of rules like that. :hmm:
Premium payouts pay on any video even if demonetized, but the issue is that videos that are age restricted or demonetized are much less likely to appear in someone's recommended even if they are of age or premium. A lot of the video game channels rely on monetization because they videos get consistent views for a long time. Someone like RTGame who they talked about in the story, get a 100k views in the first week but then over the next 2-3 years the video will get 1-3 million views, so they rely on the video staying monetized for a long time so that it keeps getting recommended to people. A lot of creators woudn't care if a 3 year old video got demonetized because they don't get many views on old videos, but a game channel having an older video get demonetized actually affects the video's performance since the videos get most of their views way after it was uploaded.
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Dec 27, 2006
Olathe, KS
My 72 year old dad just had to buy a DVI->HDMI adapter. He put a 3rd screen on his computer and couldn't get it to work. His RX570 had 1 HDMI, 3 Display Ports, and a DVI. Only the first DisplayPort worked with a passive DP->HDMI adapter. The other 2 required active adapters. A DVI adapter made his 3rd screen work without issue. He'll have to get active adapters if he wants more screens to do more of his hobby of having streams from webcams of trains full screen on extra monitors. The main screen is the only one that actually gets used but he wanted to be able to have more train streams open.


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Oct 12, 2003
Vienna, Austria

I just bought a Lian Li EVO 11 Dynamic in black for 190 euros, and a Monoprice Zero-G 35" 100Hz for 336 euros

Putting together a case piece by piece as I find good deals or get more cash.

Any thoughts? I want to watercool the CPU and want to game with battlefield series, cyberpunk. budget is about 2500 euro

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