Computer audio playback! Winamp or et al ?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by JazzHound, Jan 13, 2003.

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    Yeah like alot I've been using and swear by winamp for the last few years. Didnt' have any reasons to switch, since everything can be ported to use winamp via plugin. Lured by a new skinnable player that looked like Mac's iTune, I gave Quintessential CD a try ( Wow! I dunno, coming from a moderate user who doesn't really understand all the db's and DSPs and whatever else you techno heads can come up with, I'm starting to like this new player over Winamp 2.x/3.

    I do have one technical question. in the EQ settings I see Dbs, there are some obvious differences when the bar is raised. I hear louder/softer depending on the leveraging. Someoen on this other forum talked about ReplayGain (some prolific audio thing) and made it a prerequisite for an audio player.

    So what does dB have to do with this? The higher the dB rating, the higher the chance of distortion of sound quality ? :confused:

    It's alot to consume, so thanks in advance.
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    Well, what reasons do you like the player better over winamp? Features?

    I wouldnt mess with the gain settings.

    I think it is refering to the fact that it can normalise the audio files someway so that they are not clipped perhaps. But I am not sure. That doesnt give too much data....

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