Computer Freezes at initial startup

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by void, Aug 26, 2004.

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    I picked up a returned compaq desktop computer for super-cheap. I got home, turned it on, and everything loaded up fine. So i restart, press F10 and start the system restore, and that works fine. The computer resets itself and goes to the "welcome to windows xp, can you hear the speakers, blah blah blah" and right at the end where it says "Thank you - you're ready to go" page i click finish and it just hangs there. I can still move my mouse, and the orange 'working' light is flashing, but nothing ever happens.

    If something big is messed up, I can part it and make more then what I paid for the damn thing, but I wouldn't mind getting it going.

    Any suggestions?
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    When it hangs before you can do anything, your basicly screwed. Try working your way up into safe mode by pressin F8 at startup. If your able to get in windows safe mode, you can do some scandisks ,and try evaluate if you can see a problem which is causing it.

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