Computer keeps rebooting when using internet or downloading files. WTFBBQ

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by vudoodoodoo, Sep 14, 2004.

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    Only happens when the internet is involved.
    It's a new computer. Fresh install of windows XP.
    It's fine when I do other things or nothing at all. It can sit there all day and nothing would happen, but when I try to DL something, it would reboot after a while.
    I tried everything. Reformat, reinstall windows, changing ram, changing psu.
    Anyone got any ideas? :hs:
  2. If you're getting a message from NT Authority, you have MS Blaster, my man. Turn on your Windows firewall, go to McAfee's website and download their Stinger program, run it in Safe Mode, and install some antivirus software; no matter what your mother told you, you're not actually special.

    If the computer is spontaneously rebooting with no warning, I dunno what to tell you except to maybe update your drivers --- download them on a computer that doesn't fuck up and copy them to a CD or something.
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