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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Jay487, Sep 3, 2004.

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    OK, I'll start off by saying I appreciate any help at all to get this computer running again as school is starting next week and it's essential.


    Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    AMD Barton 2500+ (1.83GHz) [stock hsfan]
    Antec 400W P/S
    512MB DDR PC3200
    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
    80GB WD 7200 RPM

    I apologize for the length that this will be however I am uncertian which information is relevant and of importance to solving this, so I will reiterate exactly how this problem came about.

    Built this PC last year, had it overclocked to a 3200+ (only for an hour or so) on stock hsfan but wasn't delighted about the temps I was getting, so I went back to default (1.83ghz) and its been that way for almost a year now. A few days ago I installed Motherboard Monitor 5 and noticed my CPU diode was around 65C doing windows task. I knew it wasn't this hot before so I was thinking about getting a new HSFAN. But before ordering, I decided to vaccum out and dust off my PC/heatsink. Lots and lots of dust later, the temp dropped about 20C and I was happy. I did however have plans of ordering that new hsfan so I figured I would see if I could OC it again, and then when my new HSFAN arrived I'd leave it OC'ed.
    So with MBM5 running to monitor the temps I had it stable at 11x191 (1.75 cpu volt, 2.6 dram volt)
    The next step was 11.5x185 (1.75 and 2.6) but when the computer restarted it said "system failed memory test" (It literally says that when you reboot, and then the monitor goes into standby mode, and in order to get it to boot again I have to remove battery and put it back in) I asked a buddy whos knowledgable and he said to up the dram voltage from 2.6 to 2.7 and see if that fixes it. It did not, so he then said to try 11.5 at a lower fsb. I did 11.5x166 and it would STILL not boot (same error, "system failed memory test". So I went back to 11x195 and it booted, 11x200 and it booted, but would restart so I knew it was becoming unstable. (and for some reason 11.5 didnt seem to want to boot) At this point I said Okay, 11x191 isnt bad, I'll order a new hsfan and OC it to that when its installed. I went to go back to default configuration (11x166) and restarted, and I get the "system failed memory test" error! I removed and reinstalled battery, rebooted (this resets BIOS, which means my CPU is only on 11x100 (1.1GHz)) It booted up fine, went into windows; as only 1.1GHz of course. I rebooted, went into bios, changed fsb from 100 to 166, and I get the same "system failed memory test" when rebooting. BIOS was reset so I knew everything was default. Anyways I went to turn the computer on again and when it would load windows (remember this is with cpu on 1.1ghz still, only way it would work) windows would freeze either on the WinXP logo screen or right after it, and leave the screen blank. Did it 3 times in a row. I took the battery out, unplugged it etc, went to work, came home, put battery in, turned it on, and it went into windows fine (on 1.1ghz) I tried to restart the computer and its freezing when loading windows again. So basically it went from not worknig at its default speed, to not booting at all, but would boot sometimes. I downloaded memory test and let it run but on the 12th test (last one I think) I accidentally restart that test (12 of 12) and it seemed to have froze. No errors seemed to have been found up to that point unless it doesnt tell you until the end. I plan on running memtest overnight again and letting it go by itself.

    I thought for sure the ram was bad but again when I came home from work it booted to windows fine, and ran good. (unfortunatly on 1.1Ghz)

    So, I'm clueless, but quite pissed @ myself for screwing around with this. Sorry for the length, thanks for any help, if I left anything out just ask


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    short the erset jumper on the motherboard and start from scratch until you get it right.

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