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    1)When SQ is to be judged in a competition environment do they at all care about rear fill?

    2) would it be possible to run the rear channels in a front stage position or would this just be bad? i think itd be bad but i thoght id throw it out, OR could i use the rear channels to run 2 small say 6 inch mid ranges or maybe some 8 inch subs to add punch to the front?

    3)As far as positioning front components I would fabricate enclosures for tweeters somehwere on the dash area, but where should i place my mid ranges etc for optimal imaging? custom kicks or in the door?

    4) would it be better to get a 2/3-way component set up or custom put together a 3-way system with like Dynaudio or Focal tweets or a CDT upstage system " UP-524XT ", and then say MB Quart mid ranges or high definition CDT audio mid ranges, then for the mid bass up to finish off the 3-way system some dynaudio midbass, a MB quart mid bass add on kit, etc etc. Then finish it all off with a audio control 3-way crossover. Then have those 8- inches in the back (back as in front of the back seat, on the floor somewhere and just put on some sturdy grills, im thinking fiber glass enclosures and angled slightly upwards toward the back of the seat, even though this may not help SQ i still want to be creative to some extent.

    5) Do speaker grilles affect sound?

    6) Please make any recommendations, price is almost no limit because this is what i live for, audio yo. :x:

    7) There is no time restraints either for waiting for products a year ahead down the line is fine.
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