COMIC Confessions of a Geek: A heartbreaking tale of torrential mediocrity

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by The Sirc, Aug 25, 2006.

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    To make things a little more fun, I've decided to start a little column called, "Confessions of a geek: A heartbreaking tale of torrential mediocrity". Some of it may be true, but mostly it won't be (read: none). It'll be an objective (well sometimes) look at the lives (well mostly just mine and those people I know) of us geeks through a compelling prose that'll look into the daily geekdom that is our lives... Ok, nobody's life, but it'll be a good show anyway. Give me a nay or yay on if you like it or not. And so it begins:

    August 24, 2006, Day 1:

    I was walking home from school today with D34th W4lker and 3V1L 1 when I saw a poster for a comic book store opening up. I was like, SIIIIIIICK!!!! D34th W4lker and 3V1L 1 were all like, "Anime is soooo much better." I mean I guess they're right because like we were watching this Anime yesterday and the chick just had HUGE boobs. It was awesome, Anime is so much better. But it got me thinking, maybe I should give the shop a look anyway, maybe they'll have some good anime like DBZ not that crap like Cowboy Bebop. Gay.

    I went home and asked my mom for money, she said something about me being gay enough. I called her stupid (under my breath, because the woman gets angry when I call her names) then she told me to clean my room. God it was the worst day of my life. Stupid parents they just don't understand me at all.

    On the plus side my totally badass Naruto headband came in. I'm gonna wear it tomorrow at school. My dad says that I have to play football, but he's always trying to bring me down. God it sucks. Well I'm gonna go eat and download some anime. Probably Avatar or something. Good night, Diary. I'm going to talk to my internet girlfriend from Taiwan before I go to bed though. She always makes me feel better.

    Still curious,

    Tommy "Kidori" McJohnsonsmith.
  2. The Sirc

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    August 24, 2006, Day 1 addendum:

    I forgot to mention, Diary, I totally hid my naruto headband under my pants so my dad won't find it when he checks for contraband tomorrow. I'm so ninja. I totally learned it from Anime too.

    Not emo,

    Tommy "Kidori" McJohnsonsmith
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  4. The Sirc

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    Give it a couple of posts, You'll see where I'm headed with it.
  5. Jesterkiller

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    cliffs? im not reading all that gay shit
  6. Bobbot

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    Idaho! woo...
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    Dear Diary,

    If only Black Cat were a real character, I'd so make her my girlfriend! I'd show her my comic book collection and show her that I kept track of every appearance she'd ever been in. I'm sure she'd be impressed by that. I would then ask her questions about where she got her costume from and whether she would want to cosplay with me at a comic con (convention for you n00bs! /\ O /\ ). I would volunteer to go as Spiderman, just for her. Oh Black Cat, why aren't you real?!?!?


    James "Aku" Smith.
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    This thread is genius :rofl:
  9. The Sirc

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    August 25th, 2006:

    I saved my lunch money today and I'm going to go to the comic book store to see what they have. I hope that it doesn't get stolen or I get beat up and robbed before the end of school. I'm glad I brought you to school today Diary, other than my anime and my friends D34th W4lker and 3V1L 1, you are my only friend. OH NO! The teacher's coming, I'll add more later when "The Man" isn't watching anymore.

    Still a little curious,

    Tommy "Kidorichu" McJohnsonsmith


    August 25th, 2006:

    I hid my money in my underwear so they wouldn't take it when they flipped me upside down. I'm gonna have to get bigger underwear, I keep stuffing them more and more.

    I finally made it to the comic book store. They had a little section on manga, I use manga because it's the right term because it's like a comic book but manga, and my favorite one was there, DBZ! I wish I could fight like Goku. If I could go Super Saiyan like him, I could totally beat up Aaron Moore and he wouldn't steal my lunch anymore. Oh, Goku, where art thou? God, American comics are so gay, they don't have depth or anything. I mean I saw this guy, Dare Devil, he was wearing red tights, how gay is that? I mean in manga and anime they have guys who are just beautiful, but that's not gay because it's culturally ok for the Japanese. The japanese are the best in the whole entire world. The owner gave me a free comic book. I might read it after I get home if my whore of a mother doesn't make me clean my room again. What a jerk. I swear, she just doesn't understand me.

    Bi-curious for comics and manga,

    Tommy "Kidorikan" McJohnsonsmith
  10. The Sirc

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    August 26th, 2006:

    I read that stupid comic book. I can't believe people can believe it to be better than manga. There wasn't even any cool robots in it and the girl's boobs aren't even that big. My mom got mad because she thought I bought it, but after I threw it at her and screamed that it was free she went away. But I had to clean my room again. Geez, what a dolt. She just doesn't understand me. I wish I could have used a Spirit Bomb on her. That would show her.

    Diary Addendum:

    I went back to the comic book store today and I met this guy there who was buying a bunch of comic books. He was so smug. Just because he had all of his comic books. They were talking about continuity and like everything being in one universe. How gay is that. Everyone knows that the Japanese are way better. I can't wait to download more anime at home. Anime is way cooler than comics because you can like watch anime. Reading is for losers. How gay.

    I went home and my mom and dad found my naruto costume I was going to wear for the manga-con. I hate it when they snoop in my room, they just don't respect me or my privacy. I hate them. Then my dad made me play football. They just don't understand me at all!

    So Angry,

    Tommy "ShinKidori" McJohnsonsmith

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