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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by conRAD, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Heya folks.

    Just finally got my new PC off the ground, so I am revamping my portfolio site this week and starting to advertise like a mad man. I was wondering if any fellow designers around here are the same way I am when it comes to working with a client...

    For some reason, whenever I am working direct with a client (no middle man, not working for another designer) I always have an awfully hard time talking money, as well as clearly outlining all of the work that is being done, in full detail. It's just my personality in a way I guess, that I am a pretty shy person. But when it comes to talking money and details, I just get real nervous, and often doubt myself in terms of delivering what they need.

    Any other designers go through a phase like this? All too often I hesitate on price and either wind up undercharging, or scaring people away with a big number. I already leaned to dodge away from flat-fee's and charge hourly, but I still get that bit of anxiety whenever I grab a new job.

    Any tips on making working direct w/ a client a bit easier on us both?
  2. personally, i never give details and what i charge for each detail. i never charge "hourly" either. i always go with charging the flat fee per project. that way there are no surprises in the end for my client. if the client wants to add something, most of the time they also offer more money to go along. i like it best this way and it works well for me because i know what i'm capable of and how fast i can finish something.

    there are those clients out there, however, that will try to sneak in a few new additions to the project, but in that case you should be stern and assert yourself anyway.

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