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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by HardTech, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Right now I work as a Business Analyst at a large company. I've been at this job for 7 months now. The vast majority of my co-workers are simply people who studied computers at college but have no real technical experience. I studied computers, but my background is very technical (build computers, small-time networking, software development, database administration, etc.). I would like to continue developing my technical skills.

    I have an undergraduate and a Masters degree in Information Systems.

    In about a month, I will be without a job. During this time, I'm gonna bust my ass to find a job, but realistically I'll be looking in a saturated market without any competitive skills to offer. I'm a hard worker and a great employee, but that doesn't show on my resume if I want a technical position without much experience.

    Instead, I've been thinking about getting certified in a lot of different stuff. CCNA, Java, Zend, MCSE, MCAD...

    I know this wouldn't hurt me at all, but I've always looked at certifications as being a way for people without a college education to get a job in IT. Also, it's been my experience that managers and other leaders in an organization don't really have certifications.

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    They don't. I notice many of them don't know jack all about the technical side and are manager.

    Certifications only re-inforce your knowledge, and we all know that people just read what they see on paper and often times base their judgements on that.

    Certifications would be an added bonus, but not necessarily manditory. If you really enjoy the technical side, it's worth the pick-up.
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    Probably your best bet to get a good job is to find someone you know who works for a company with a couple hundred people who's just had a technical person leave -- smaller companies can't afford to take a long time picking and choosing replacements for their technical staff.

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