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    1) 12-step programs keep anonymity at the forefront of all their traditions (as we say in NA, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities). Regardless of whether or not you're in a 12-step, I think all can agree that talking about problems like this will follow some similar ethics as the asylum - that is, we should really take extra effort to not be critical of someone's recovery, beliefs, etc (ESPECIALLY outside the forum).

    2) Similarly - many of us feel that our war stories are really irrelevant to the message of recovery. While past experiences will come up in the process of clearing wreckage from our past - I'd like to place emphasis to not glorify our using in any way (I believe this was mentioned in a sticky as well, lets not go "oh im so drunk today ah ha ha ha ha".)

    3) Maybe we can sticky some of the basic text literature from a 12-step? I can provide the basic NA text for reference. It might be helpful for those who are not aware of what's available - coupled with those who wish to be able view it as a reference point... and it also might help segue into point 4... which is:

    4) I'd like to see a speaker/discussion thread possibly. Wherein one person goes and starts the thread as the "chairperson" and we can have followups as a post. These would be different from typical threads as the purpose is not dialogue, but merely would help build a collection of knowledge and messages for people to possibly glean something from.

    5) I think we should also be sensitive to the fact that many of us require the use of a religious faith in order to proceed in our recovery, thus necessitating an open mind towards such principles (even if you're not in a 12-step, don't think you're an addict, whatever).

    6) Above all else - conduct our behavior in mature responsible ways. If our reputation is damaged - addicts may die
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    Bravo! To all that!
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    With that said, I will probably be asking for members to be banned if they decide to take things to the main forum or other forums if they are not the original poster of said problems or topics. I am treating this as a serious discussion forum, and even though I'm sure we'll experience some negatives, I want this forum to be able to last awhile. If someone comes in to troll, I'll have it dealt with as best I can.

    I was going to mention this in clearer detail, so thankyou. I would prefer not to see threads like "What was your drug of choice" or things like that. However drugs of choice do come up in discussion every so often so its all a matter of context.

    I was also thinking of doing this as well... I can provide both basic text from some of the first edition items (I'm not too fond of the more recent additions, because of how they are edited more or less :hs: ) ... things such as why are we here, etc are something I'd like to put up, and I'll see if I can't dig out my AA stuff as well since I do have the books somewhere.

    This was the purpose and intent of the "Just For Today" thread I started. But I am open to doing more than that, but the Just for Today is a good ice breaker and I figure once this forum picks up more, more people will get into sharing as well.

    I've got nothing against that at all and I agree

    Again, I agree.
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    Good points!!! you should be an alchohol and drug counseler

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