Connecting a motherboard/power supply together with no case.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by negative zero, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Now that I've built my new pc, I want to try and see what's wrong with my old one.
    I think I have a bad mobo so I borrowed a working one from my brother-in-law. Trying to see if it is the mobo or power supply. I know the processor and video card(s) are good.

    I have 2 different power supplies, two different motherboards, 2 vid cards, enough ram for each to have 2 sticks.
    I have connected the ATX and ATX 12 V to the mobo. The cpu hs/fan is connected to the correct header.

    I know I am getting power to at least one mobo because it has a small amber LED that will light up. Not sure about the other mobo because I borrowed it.
    I've used a flat tip screwdriver to quickly (and not so quickly) touch both power pins to make a connection. Nothing. No fans at all.

    Also, mobo is on a cardbooard box top so nothing can be shorted out. Any other suggestions?
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    I know it's stupid, but I've done exactly what you're talking about before just on a plain old carpet. Yea, I'm lucky that nothing got shorted out but they were junk components. I'd personally just throw a piece of plywood under it and off ya go. Make sure you have cooling on hand as well like a fan or something.

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