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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Goonigoogoo, Mar 22, 2005.

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    My client has 8 machines at work running under XP Home, and one SCO 5.0.6. server, the windows machines access the server via Anzio Lite. The router is a Netopia R910.

    Problem: 2 days ago they had a power failure, power on all the machines again and they are all fine except for one, this lone one has connections issues now, i thought it might have been a virus problem prior to her telling me about the power failure, so i tried downloading AVG, but internet connection and Anzio lite accessing the Server was ridiculously slow (hence the initial complaint).

    So i VNC at a brutally slow rate, tried to DL AVG, but was getting 1000 bytes, yes bytes per second, so running a scan by tomorrow is highly unlikely. Nothing has changed on the PC configuration wise.

    I figured the cat5 cable might have gotten damaged, but that would render the connection 100% useless, not 99%

    I opened task manager, and no other program is hogging the bandwidth.

    I'll try this tomorrow morning, disable then reenable the NIC, which has solved many connection problems for me or just flat out uninstall it and reinstall the drivers for the NIC. Anyone have any other suggestions?


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