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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by eligh, Jan 28, 2005.

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    Ever since I got clean about a year ago, I've been struggling with day to day life, from time to time. Recently, it has gotten even worse, problems like doing my homework on a regular basis and waking up on time have been consistent battles. Depression has lingered in and out of my life, I haven't known how I'm going to feel from one moment to the next.

    I'm one of those people who needs a manual for life. The 12 steps provide for relief from this malody, but only if I work them. I would often hear in meetings, "Do something for your recovery everyday," and I just kind of blew it off and thought to myself "That's what the beginners, and/or the idiots in recovery have to do to stay clean." Well, it's not only about staying clean, it's about feeling productive and enjoying life. So I have finally decided to take this seriously.

    For the past 4 days, I have been doing

    1 hour of homework
    Something for my recovery
    An outdoor/physical activity
    20-60 minutes of housecleaning

    Every day

    So far, it's been working wonders and I feel much better about life. For any of you who suffer from inconsitency, and have trouble balancing life, I suggest you adopt something similar. Just thought I'd share with OT. :wavey:
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    I adopted your system pretty much verbatim but it helps. I don't always want to do those things but when im done, I'm glad I did. This is why its important/helpful.
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    I agree. I also have anxiety and some depression. I am constantly practicing my golf game and cleaning around the house. By making a list of tasks you want to get done and completing the list to the best of your ability each day you will feel better in the long run. Another key to me for fighting the depression and anxiety is keeping things clean and organized. My theme for my life the last 6 months has been "clean". By living what I call a clean life you must keep you place, office, and car clean and organized. You would be surprised how much better you feel about things when you play and active role in staying organized.

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