SRS Consoling advice needed on close-knit friends

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Beansent, Sep 30, 2006.

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    May 11, 2006
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    I know this is an extremely cheesy first post compared to the first posts of others like nudes and hot girls or whatever, but I'm extremely depressed over this issue.

    History: I've had the same nucleus of friends ever since high school (4 or 5 guys) and we've been close ever since. It's one of those group of friends that you can't categorize which is your best friend since all of them are so close to you.

    Problem: At first, it was just one of these 5 guys who started drifting away. He started hanging out with some buddies of his from work and they go out to drink all the time, while the rest of us just hung out by ourselves. Then as we entered our second year of college, 2 more people started drifting away.

    However lately, they've (meaning the 3 of them) been hanging out a lot and don't even mind calling me to hang out with them (The last friend left has a girlfriend he hangs out with a lot so he doesn't really mind). The problem is, I have no other close people to spend time with since they were my closest friends.

    My feelings: Alright so I don't know what to do right now. I know they're not intentionally sending me messages since I know my friends, and they're not ones to sneak behind my back. If they have a problem, they'll say it to my face pronto. I'm having ambivalent feelings towards them like hatred, indifference, and neglect. *sigh* my other option is to get a girlfriend, but I really don't want one right now since I'm trying to concentrate on my education as of now. Offtopic, What would you do if you were in my situation?
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    Well, from going thru high school and college and living life working now, friends come and go and there are the few that stick around the longterm.

    It is justified having those feelings but I would look at from their perspective. I'm understanding that you are in post secondary schooling and probably keeping busy? Maybe they see that and not keeping you actively in the loop but they do call you to come out, right?

    In life as you attend college or university, you'll meet any people and some will be best friends and there will be the few that will hang around for a long long time.

    Being thru high school and college, I still have the elite few that keep in touch. From HS, there is only one buddy of mine and we've known each other forever it seems. There's times we haven't talked in a long time but when we meet again... it seems like only yesterday. It is a quite a feeling to have that than seeing someone you haven't seen and go for coffee and the connection isn't really there cuz either you or them have changed a lot.

    So I wouldn't worry about it. You know where you stand with these friends. Stay focused on your education and trust me, there's a chance you may have have these friends longterm depending... but you will meet new folks where you will have those elite few that will be in your close circle.

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