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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by UncommonCreep, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. I have an idea for a tattoo (right arm upper bicep) that I would like to get some ideas/thoughts on. I wanted to do a tattoo as a tribute/reminder of my family.

    Upon brainstorming I thought it would be cool (and kinda morbid I guess) to get a tattoo of a graveyard on my right arm with a headstone for each member of my immediate family and those that have passed that were close to me (and also a headstone for myself). When someone passes I would fill in the date of death and perhaps a small saying or something on there. Thoughts/ideas/comments would be appreciated.
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    sounds creative, ive never seen that before. but also sounds pretty morbid. but its your arm. i think you shouldmake sure that it doesnt offend any of your family members, as you are predicting there deaths, well in a way.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. My family is pretty open and are pretty cool about most everything. I just wanted to bounce some ideas and thoughts around.
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    sounds like an interesting idea. Do you only want it on upper arm? Because turning it into a half sleeve and throwing in a little color (deep blues and greens) and it could be an awesome idea!
  5. When I say upper arm I mean from elbow up. To get all the people in my family that I care about on my arm it would have to be a half sleeve. I was thinking maybe something in the style of the graveyard on the cover of the AFI album The Art of Drowning with more colors. Or maybe something a little less cartoonish I am still in the planning stages and pre-tat drawing stage.
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    if I got something like that It'd be a hill that kinda flowed down my arm with a giant dead oak tree at the top of the hill and the grave stones placed oldest to youngest down the hill. But that's just my vision.

    draw something up so we can see what you're tlaking about
  7. I have to talk to my friend and see if he can whip me up something (I can barely draw stick figures). I was thinking something kinda along those lines, with a big tree in the back (with spanish moss perhaps) with the headstones strewn about randomly and perhaps a fountain or something in the middle. If I can't get ahold of him to draw me something I will try and do a little something of my own.

    Here is the AFI cover I was talking about.

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