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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by vix, Oct 28, 2005.

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    My Boyfriends youngest brother is the devil! Doesn't go to school, deals drugs when he does go. He used to be such a sweet kid. But ever since their parents divorced last year, he has been off the wall. Now we know it is because he is craving the attention, but it just gets worse. And their mother refuses to parent him. She feels she has her life back now, so he can care for himself.

    My bf and I think the military would be the best thing for him... its either that or inevitably jail. He feels it is not his place to say anything, "I am not his father" (his favorite line). And I am sick to death of watching this kid fall through the cracks, and waste his life.

    My brother is in the army, and he said he would try talking to him. But when he showed up at the house (even wore his BDU's) it didn't phase the kid. Steve took him out to dinner, talked to him about how he was a screw up in high school and how he made mistakes. And how Brian needs to turn his life around now. Long story short... that didn't work. Instead the kid stole $100 from my wallet, and drank my bottle of Vodka I hide in my bf's room.

    I went online to see if I can have information sent to the house, but they ask for a ton of information. They require email address, and birthdate. The birthdate I think I got right, but I do not want to put my email address in case this gets back to me.

    So, I guess my question to you guys is what other ways can I get information into that house, without hell being brought onto me.

    Thanks guys

  2. Fearan

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    Honestly, the military is probably not the best place to rehabilitate a problem kid like this. He'll just cause problems there for people who WANT to be there.

    Suggest to him to go see a recruiter, if he doesn't want to join, let him be. We don't need any druggies in the military.
  3. vix

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    The thing is... he has expressed interest in the military. He knows he isn't going to get into college, and he doesn't want to be flipping burgers at BK for the rest of his life. He has said in the past that he thinks the military will help him find his way. Whether or not this was bs, I don't know.

    I just figured I would jump start the fire, if you will.
  4. Fearan

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    If he really wants to change himself, once he's ready he should go see a recruiter. Just make it easy for him. But don't force it.
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    I would suggest he join the Marines. Out of all the services, the Marines will strip him down the deepest before they build him back up. It looks like he needs a lot of stripping, and a lot of building.
  6. Mitsukillinsi

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    but even if this kid is that bad i think he needs something more. but if he decides military the marines will be the best for him for the reasons Ranger-AO said.
  7. vix

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. I also think the Marines would be the best thing for him. But like everyone said he has to want it for himself. He has expressed the interest in the past. So maybe if a few brochures make it into the house, that might get the wheels turning in his head.

    Everyone is collectively trying to get him to go to school everyday. But whether he stays or not, we have no idea. Hopefully he will turn this around, and get his diploma. Then he can make a choice.

    I have a few friends in the Marines, my best friends parents are both ex-Marines... and my brother is in the Army. They all love/loved it. Sure there are down falls, but you adapt. I just hope he makes the right decision.

    Thanks again!!
  8. kidhero

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    find the local recruiting office in the yellow pages. give them a call and ask to transfer to a marine recruiter and explain to them your situation. if they're not busy they will send out 1 or two recruiters to drop by his house or simply give him a call to ask him to come down and have a talk.

    a couple things:

    1. most marine recruiting offices do less "recruiting" than the other services. that means they're not going to be sucking dick to get a person to sign with them. they know a lost cause when they see it and if he doesn't want to join they're not going to invest anymore time when there are capable candidates that need help getting their paperwork done.

    2. the marine corps isn't for everyone. to me it sounds like he will have a miserable time in boot camp and it may even hurt him. the drill instructors are not the only ones during boot camp to be scared of. squad leaders and platoon guides motivated enough will get him in line and in process a lot of bad things can happen. and even if he does managed to finish he might not even be changed at all. the kids that stole and lie during boot camp came out still liars and thiefs except they have an uniform to wear everywhere instead.
  9. TRN

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    Go to the web sites and put in his info. Name, phone number, address, schooling.

    I actually did that to my brother for every branch of the military :o :naughty:
  10. Accord

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    This kid needs Dr. Phil, not the military.
  11. vix

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    He needs a lot more than Dr. Phil.


    Sunday - Brian received a phone call from the Marines. He seemed really excited by it, he even made an appointment to go and talk to them.

    Monday - He said he would go to school, didn't. Their mom approved having his car clubbed until he shows some sort of respect/ and a consistency with his school atendence. He also had a doctors appt. for a drug test... the dean of schools wanted it done. He didn't go to that either. So the car was clubbed. My bf and I show up at the house with their mom around 5:30. Brian is told he doesn't have permission to use his car. He laughs and walks outside. He finds the club on it and flips out. He is swearing at their mom. Chris (my bf) approachs him and tells him to stop swearing and act like an adult. Brian tells Chris to back off, then punches him in the chin.

    Chris then pushs him against the door so that he can not keep punching him. Andy (middle brother) gets into the mix and restrains brian. Brian then tells Chris that "have fun trying to ride your bike after I am done with it". Chris then called the cops.

    The cops show up about 10 mins later. They arrest Brian and cart him off. THeir mom goes and bails him out a few hours later... BIG MISTAKE. The little punk has the odasity to come in with a fucking additude and threats harm to Chris's new car, and the bike again. Chris tells him to have a field day. That is what insurance is for.

    Their mom takes Brian out to get something to eat, and to cool off. And lets him go to a friends house. The kid just gets out of jail and she lets him go out. This woman is on crack.

    They came to the conclusion that something drastic needs to be done. I don't feel comfortable being at this house right now. And to top it all off... their mom had the balls to try to turn this around on Chris. Like it is somehow his fault.

    So yea... it was flipping weird as all hell. This kid needs help in the worst way. She just doesn't want to be a mom now that she has her "freedom" back.

    Anyways... sorry for the long post. I just needed to vent. Thank you all for you advice and recommendations. Whatever happens from this day forward is up to him. Chris and I have washed our hands of it. Sometimes tough love is the best love.
  12. RedCapote

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    That kid won't amount to dick, and the military is not a nanny or rehabilitation service.

    Forget it. I know it's not what you want to hear, but he has bad in his bones and there's no getting it out.

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