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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Nick, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Nick

    Nick Guest

    So I'm looking to buy a laptop. I'll mainly be using it for internet/email, digital photo, music, and movies. I'm in the military so I want to have something I can take with me when I don't have access to my desktop pc. I'd like to hear from someone who's used them why I should buy a powerbook instead of a windows based laptop.

    P.S. I just bought an ipod a little while ago, ibiturnintoapchater :noes:
  2. hootpie

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    Northern California
    Get an iBook. If you will be taking it around with you while in the military, you will want the durability that the iBook provides. Plus, it will be more than enough for your uses.
  3. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Thanks for the reply, but could you be a little more specific why apple notebook > pc notebook?
  4. tenplanescrashing

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    Jan 9, 2005
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    if you want something that works, get the iBook/Powerbook. the iLife suite has a great audio program, video, built in Mail, Safari browser, no viruses, spyware, adware (see below)
    iCal updates you of appointments, birthdays, events without being open (vs. Outlook).

    oh, and your mac won't become obsolete within a year (i.e. I have a 2000 machine and its up to date)
  5. Wolf68k

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    Don't say "no viruses" there are some that effect the Mac, they just are as common place as they are in the Windows world.

    However, yes there is no spyware or adware only the cookies are an issue. One trick I use however since I use Firefox on both my iBook and PC. When I update SpywareBlaster on the PC and have it protect FF as well, I copy the hostperm.1 file from the PC to the Mac and I get the same added cookie protection.
    Safari is a nice enough browser, don't get me wrong. I just prefer Firefox.

    You don't need special drivers for iPhoto to see your camera or card reader, atleast in most cases. Just hook up your camera/card reader and start iPhoto and it'll see the device and extract the images.
    In Windows, you need the drivers plus it's usually a good idea to do the maker's site and find the latest drivers, then hope that when the camera/reader is connected it'll work. Then hope some more that it'll work some time later without having to reinstall the drivers or whatever other tricks you have to do in search of online.

    You can also send the photos from iPhoto to iMovie and put together a little movie that you can then send to iDVD and burn it as a DVD. But don't forget about a possible trip to GarageBand where you can write some custom background music for your movie.
    And all of this comes with OS X when you buy a Mac.

    Another nice thing, if you ask me, is that since so many times you'll download a manual or whatever from the net that is in a PDF file. With the Mac and OS X a program called Preview can open it and view it just fine, infact easier and faster than Acorbat which you'll have to download and install for Windows.
    And I'm still looking for something that I can use for Windows that is more like Preview in that respect, rather than having to rely on Acrobat.

    No need to make mention of iTunes since you said you already have an iPod, so you use iTunes on your PC. But atleast you don't have to worry about downloading it. Plus you can import music from iTunes into your photo movie you're working in iMovie.

    Speaking of drivers. When you do have to reinstall OS X, no need to worry about mobo drivers. Unlike a PC desktop or laptop where the only way you can get around that issue is to use the restore disc that came with computer originally. However if you change the OS in a PC to a newer version of Windows, then you're back to looking for the drivers again. When you upgrade the OS in the Mac word, still no worries.

    There might be more things I'm forgetting, but that's enough for now I think
  6. MBC

    MBC Guest

    try a apple for a few days and you won't go back to your pc
  7. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Thanks guys, I think I'll give the mac a try.
  8. Rev. Johnny Vegas

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    Do it man. I just picked up a 15" Powerbook on Friday and I fuckin' love the thing. I've been using Winders and DOS for years and OSX fucking crushes XP. It looks better, its so robust (it'll fuck with your head how you can just leave all your apps running and the computer doesn't slow to a crawl), plus I love the Unix-like command line (I don't have to learn a new CLI structure :big grin: ).
  9. maczter

    maczter Life is trying things to see if they work.

    Sep 30, 2003
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    Austin, TX

    i'm working a temp gig at a small design shop right now. i started to cry when i realized the machine they gave me to do print (high-res) work on was a 5+ year-old 400 MHz G4. i'm using quarkxpress, indesign, illustrator, and photoshop and frequently have two or more of these apps open at once and the thing is still surprisingly respectable, and that's even working on all the files over the network and not the local drive. the only time i notice the performance lagging much is when i'm trying to edit big blocks of text in illustrator (which isn't really made for big blocks of text anyhow).

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