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Dec 8, 2006
Dickinson, TX
what do you have, a backyard for ants?

i have a tiny concrete patio in front of my apartment and still have room for a GMG smoker and a weber gas grill....among other random garbage
It is in fact a backyard for ants, piss poor patio space and probably half the "yard" will be taken up by gardening. Affordable neighborhood plots here are SMALL.


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Nov 30, 2001
Phoenix, AZ

Would appreciate some advice.

Picked up a flat @ 7.5lbs.

I seasoned it around noon with Holy Cow and was going to let it take until tomorrow morning when I put it on. Probably around 6ish.

Should I re-season before I put it on or leave it as is?

My last couple of briskets have been good but a little dry. Here is usually how I do it:

  • Pellet smoker set @250
  • Spray with ACV every 30 min for the first 3 hours
  • Fat side down (was going to try fat up tomorrow)
  • Wrap around 170 (some are recommending wrapping at 150 - I usually see it climbing still around that temp)
  • I usually pull around 190-195 since it's still going to carry for a couple of hours.
  • Don't usually cut for about 2-3 hours.
Would appreciate any suggestions on the above. Thanks :hug:
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