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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by LBZ, Dec 27, 2006.

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    I'm replacing my MoBo and CPU and I have decided to do some adjustments to my fan placements. Right now I have 5 80mm fans (only 3 are in the PC). Placement is as follows:

    1 front of PC - blowing in
    2 side of PC - blowing in (directly over CPU - and I have a Thermaltake Big Typhoon for the CPU directly)
    3 back of PC - blowing out

    My case has the following available -

    2 80mm front
    1 80mm side
    1 80mm top
    2 80mm back

    What is the best set up with 5 available fans?

  2. Doc Brown

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    Mar 31, 2006
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    Top out for sure
    Side in for sure

    The remaining four of them in traditional front in, back out.

    Now that doesn't mean that you won't get dead nodes in there.
    My buddy has a Gigabyte Aurora, and he couldn't get rid of the nodes no matter how he ran the fans.
    He wound up having to put an air dam inside the case to move the air better.
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    I had almost the same setup and had it the way Emmet suggested for a while, but after I got an aftermarket heatsink that was alot bigger than my intel one I changed it up and did:
    80mm out on top
    120mm out on side

    80mm in on front
    2x 80mm in back

    Basically I changed the 120 which was in, and the 2x 80mm on the back which were out to opposite.

    The reason was because the heatsink was almost directly in front of the 2 in the back and the side one was a bit lower than the heatsink. The heatsink got cooler air directly on it instead of fighting with the exhaust. It actually didn't do much tho for overall temp tho, maybe 1C cooler, but I'm happy with it overall so no use changing it back.

    Internal temps are 26-28C, Overclocked e6400 to 2.8 is ~36C idle and 55C at 100%, never even reaches 60C. And its stable for 10hrs using orthos, didn't go longer cause I wanted to use my computer ~_~

    Haven't had any problems playing games and stuff for extended hours so no use in running orthos longer i think, 10hrs seemed good anyways.

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