GUN Cop shoots one of his own

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    Cop Shoots 200 Pound Pet Pig

    MACON, GA (AP) -- A Georgia family is upset with their local sheriff's office after a deputy shot and killed their pet pig.

    Janice Jones said that Gator, a black, potbellied pig, was a friendly animal that her family had owned for five years and that her two children, ages five and seven, adored.

    David Davis, a chief deputy with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, said a new neighbor of the Joneses called the sheriff's office Wednesday morning, telling them that a wild hog was in her flower bed in her yard.

    The hog had no collar and looked like a wild hog, he said. A sheriff's deputy responded to the call and spent about two hours in the neighborhood, trying to decide what to do before finally shooting the pig, Davis said. Authorities also tried to call the Department of Natural Resources for help during the incident.

    The pig rooted around, had tusks and occasionally charged, Davis said. The sheriff's office estimated that the pig weighed close to two hundred pounds, while the family estimated ninety pounds.

    But in all seriousness sounds like a good shoot to me, isn't it illegal to allow livestock to roam around? :dunno:
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    If it's livestock and it gets loose on it's own then you're not allowed to shoot it, but the owner has to pay for any damage it causes, not sure about free grazing though.

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