SRS Coping mechanism no longer helping to cope. what now?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by curious_jane, Nov 30, 2007.

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    First off... I'm not saying that simply having a coping mechanism is the answer. I know I cant avoid the problem. But until the problem gets solved (like waiting for money or for a call to be returned, for example) there is that period of severe stress for me that I have a very difficult time dealing with.

    So I have found a couple ways to cope. or distract. whatever. I'm a pretty heavy pot smoker. and I know I would smoke WAY more if I had the funds to support my habit. Then theres sex. essentially another addiction. Its my escape. For however long it lasts, nothing else really matters. And I'm not alone. Thing is.. Ive noticed and been aware of needing an increase of both to maintain the same amount of sanity. I find myself thinking some crazy shit sometimes. I feel like I'm on a destructive path. I'm worried about more sex and heavier drugs. bad decisions all around.

    so the question is, what do you do when your coping mechanism(s) no longer help(s) you cope?
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    I personally didn't want to turn to alcohol/smoking whenever I felt like I needed something to help me cope. I was afraid i'd get addicted to coping that way. I usually watched a movie or read or write or something. Something to make me think of something else besides the problem.
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    Maybe you should deal with the problem instead.

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