Copy paste, Drag and drop problem in windows 2000

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by tpr2k, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. tpr2k

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    the network in my office is gone crazy...

    we use windows 2000 pro w/ SP4 and a couple of windows 2000 servers w/SP4

    the thing is, since yesterday there is a problem with the copy and paste and drag and drop of files.

    i have symantec norton av 2003 installed and updated on all machines.

    the problem doesn't appear in some of the Windows XP stations we have here.

    i also ran the House call scan from the TrendMicro site( but it didn't find anything...

    in some of the workstations (which are Pentium III 633Mhz w/ 128 mb ram) there is an error message that says that there isn't enough memory, although there is nothing running on the workstation.

    anyone got any idea whats the problem is ?
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    Copy works in CMD prompt?
  3. tpr2k

    tpr2k Guest

    yes copy works in cmd.

    i got the problem fixed.

    after a few hours, it came to me, that these problems happen when the mblast worm is in the system (this wasn't the case, there was no virus in the network).

    so i went to the MS site and d/led the latest RPC patch, and after i installed it on all the workstations the problem didn't appear any more..

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