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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by SoySauciAl, Dec 3, 2006.

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    I've been using the costco yellow microfiber towels for quite some time now but these last batches i got are bad.. a lot of them leave lint like crazy! I tried throwing them in the washer and dryer but they still lint up pretty bad. Any of you experience this? Can i go return them and complain? They are real cheap.. like 30 cents a towel. What are other alternatives? I dont want to spend that much on towels because i go through a lot and usually they are not reusuable due to chemicals that makes them stiff and touchup paint.
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    Try the Vroom MFs that Target sells. They seem to be decent quality and aren't very expensive.
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    Yes, exchange them. Costco will take anything they sell back...i.e. lifetime warranty. You paid for them to be right, they should work as designed. Of course, I use my old MF towels for dusting around the house, etc, and keep the newest ones for the car.

    Having said that, make sure you don't wash them with other towels, etc. :)

    I like the Target ones, except after washing they seem to not hold their shape very well. They still work well, though.
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    i gotten 3 packs within 3 months and all the packs was the same.. some was good, some was not. before, like a year ago, they werent like this.
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    I also would rec. the Target towels for something you can get locally.

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