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    I fucked up bigtime. Had my doors apart the other day and when I put the panels back on I left a wire hanging by my speaker :(. The wire had a piece of plastic :mad: that rubbed a tiny tiny hole in the speaker rubber. (polyglass 165 focals)

    The hole is about 1 mm in diameter. It's right on the apex of the rubber surrounding the cone. (I can take pics if you like)

    Is there any way to fix this? Will it become worse with wear if I don't do something about it?



    (on a side note)

    I discovered that that audio shop never wired up my amp to my focal speakers and they have been running on my HU amp for 5 months.

    I finally decided to find out why the fuck I have not mid-range and presently have my car apart wireing the amp up directly to the speakers (fucking dolts ran the speaker wires back to the (new) HU using the existing wires from the old headunit. :mad:

    :slap: Fucking Idjiots

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