counter Strike, win2000, and Radeon8500

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Guest, Apr 25, 2002.

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    sup everyone,
    i am having a problem with my vid card (Radeon8500) and getting it to smooth out when i turn in counter strike. i know i have to set the games refresh to the same as my monitors refresh rate, since win2000 (the OS i am running) has a cap on the refresh rate or something like that, i DLed the ATi refresh fix and changed it to 85 Hz, which is the same as my monitors refresh rate. i tried turning vsync on and off, and its still the same. i mean the video card is still good but i want the smoothness. when i had xp it worked and my fps were 85, which is what is it supposed to be. if anyone knows anyother way to fix this let me know. thanks a lot. cs 1.4 is out !!!!!!!
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    turn vsync on

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