Couple of hardware questions.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ledzep73, Mar 31, 2005.

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    Im going to build a new box soon (finally) and I just wanted to ask a few questions first.

    First off, I was wondering about theese SATA DVD burners. I havn't seen them before, and I was wondering if you just throw them in and youre good to go? Dumb question, I know.

    I was also wondering about the differnt cores of the AMD64's. If I do go with an AMD64 over an Intel chip, I would get a socket 939 for the better memory controller, cause we all love dual channel ram. Clawhammer Sledgehammer Newcastle Whinchester... What the bloody fuck. I looked around online, but I can't find much on it.

    I was also thinking about the 5xx 5xxj and 6xx P4's. So am I right in thinking that the 6xx procs act like 64 bit procs? They also have 2mb of L2 cache, and the 5xx has 1mb of L2. And what does the J mean? Pretty much I want to know if the 6xx is much better than the 5xx and worth the extra money.

    And where does just a crappy barton chip rate in all this mess? Cheap chips, but I would be able to spend more on a video card. Fair trade off? Or maybe just an older socket 478 p4? DAMN THIS SHIT!

    OK, I really don't know how much I want to spend on a proc, it might be a bit over 400 for a 3800+ or 4000+ or I might go with intel and get a 3.4 or I might say fuck it, and get a 939 3200+ for less than 200. I dunno. I really dont plan to do much gaming, more like having a tera worth of space :eek3: lots of photoshop and video editing stuff. (no ripped dvd's will be save ;)) And a really high end sound card, being the audiophile that I am.

    Any help with any of this would be great. Unless it starts, ends, or includes, with Intel sucks, AMD is better. Because if you say that after reading that I plan to do video editing, your silly. I really dont want to start an AMD vrs Intel war. We should make a new thread for that, and that alone, if someone wants to play that game.

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