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    1. Prosperity:

    Prosperity can be a double-edged sword at times. Some can handle such an ability to hold wealth and superiority and then use them for selfish reasons. She was none of the sort.

    I should introduce one to Chandra. Her smile was able to melt the greatest of optimism just by viewing those upturned lips as she sneered. Wouldn’t you not love that beautiful smile and lavish world given unto her?

    She did. This is a story about the girl I fell in love with. I hope you can finish this edict and understand. I loved her. There wasn’t anything we could do…….

    2. Shakes and scary things:

    She never thought the sun would greet her as a glorifying a pleasure. She really didn’t care. The sun eventually makes piece with the barbarians lives. All she wanted was a baby girl to call her own. This can’t happen. She can’t even stand up for the years of abuse. Something she has done to herself and regret every moment.

    3. Chandra:


    “I can’t fucking deal with this anymore. I going to make you pay. “

    Chandra’s knees are scraped by the same routine. Jeffery sees it night in and night
    She cries in the kitchen.

    A kick isn’t so bad when you pull oneself into the fetal position. This is what love is about right? Tell me it is…

    A kick two a pregnant stomach can two things bring….

    3. Bright Lights

    I can’t believe my eyes opened. I wonder if the drugs can keep me alive. The morphine.
    I don’t want this baby nor a life. I want to feel happy. I just want to go away.

    Nurse whatever is holding that piece of flesh I will certainly give up on. She’s walking toward me with a motherly attitude.

    I don’t want this….. ..

    4. Reckoning

    I am getting sick of this shit. I will not put up with this.

    Kira cries in the background. Mother is angry and she is this close to grabbing a pillow yet she doesn’t.

    She soothes baby Kira or at least makes an attempt. You may ask why I have mentioned Kira. It’s because I see her thoughts and that’s what she sees when she looks at her daughter.


    A shot can trancend oneself and a loss off life.
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