COMIC Cowboy Bebop = ownage

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by TerryMathews, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. TerryMathews

    TerryMathews Guest

    So good! Loving it. Watched Sessions 1-10 tonight.

    Spent more than I should have, but I figured what the heck, you only live once right. Picked up the legit box set off eBay + the movie + Best Sessions. 'Bout $350.

    BTW, in case anyone's wondering, the 5.1 mix on Best Sessions is amazing. Session 5 is simply awe-inspiring.

    No spoilers, please. :)
  2. matt_c

    matt_c Guest

    i've only seen Sessions 1-3 so far, but i'm definitely hooked. I would've picked up 4-6 and the movie, but the store I usually go to upped the price like $10 since the movie came out :(

    Time to get it thru BitTorrent :big grin:
  3. landonhodges

    landonhodges Guest

    just some FYI... the series started over Monday on Adult Swim.
  4. RDB

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    Jul 12, 2001
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  5. matt_c

    matt_c Guest

    thank you sir :cool:

    now just need to steal someones bandwidth for awhile, no way i'm downloading that at 33.6 :eek3:
  6. TerryMathews

    TerryMathews Guest

    Anyone know where I can *ahem* borrow the OSTs?
  7. G.I.R.

    G.I.R. Guest

    I have the movie and am slowing working my way to owning the series, but its going to take me some time. I love it.

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