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    Anyone have either cert? CPTS looks to be a much better and up to date class, but CEH is quite a bit more popular. Speaking with some who have taken coursework for both, I've heard CEH referred to as being about as close as you can get to having a certification for being a script kiddie.

    That being said, I've also heard CPTS called a CEH knock off.

    If anyone has taken the 5 day onsite CPTS course from mile2, can someone tell me how much it cost? It doesn't say anywhere on their site, and I don't particularly feel like requesting a quote while I'm still doing research on the subject. I did find, however, a course online with live access to instructors, videos, etc, for $700 - which isn't that bad.
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    If I didn't notice the state in your location, I would have sworn you were somebody I know from another board.
    He used to go by the sn of Cthulhu, and we always busted his balls by
    calling him Chalupa. It looks like you have combined the two.
    But I think he was from the northeast.

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