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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by computerdeals, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Hey, my xp1800 is running too hot with stock cooling, it freezes alot during games... what would be the most cost effective way to lower it to the point where it just wouldn't freeze on me?
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  3. how much of an improvement would i get from arctic silver?
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    I dont' know. But I'll share a personal story with you.

    I run the same setup as you, everything stocked. 1800xp with the stocked heatsink and generic thermal grease. Today I installed the Volcano 9, artic silver 3 and my temp went down a good 15 degrees.

    I couldn't even run my processor at 1.53Ghz because it was too hot to play games, so I scaled down to 1.1x Ghz.

    Now look at it. :big grin:


    That's 110mhz faster than stocked. I'm gonna try and bump it some more later.

    I just opened up Photoshop 7 and it almost loaded instantly, estimate about 5-7 seconds to load all the preference and plugins.

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