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    Hey, I know i'm not too much of an established member here, but I guess i'm just reaching out to a family here.

    I guess i'll introduce myself: My name is Michael and I recently graduated from High school as a member of the class of 2006.

    My year has been very tragic.

    On Sept 1, 2005, my father loses a long battle with cancer. So to remember him I always wear my livestrong bracelet (which was given to me when I first found out about his cancer. It recently broke, anyone have one to spare).

    Sorry.. tangent.

    The year went along well, I had great support from friends and family.

    On March 30, 2006, on the way back from a band concert, three friends of mine hit a brick wall and car burst into flames. They all died; Raheed, Shane, and Alex. I was close with all of them, all of them I had known for 7 years. Our school was in tears for weeks, but the Class of 2006 pulled together (more than 550) and helped eachother through it. It was very very amazing. I felt I had to encourage my friends on because I was able to use my past experience to be able to cope myself, but when alone.. I couldn't keep composure. But time went on and the Class of 2006 graduated, RSA also received their diplomas.

    But the story doesn't end..

    Just this morning, a schoolmate, friend, and member of 06, part of a double homicide-suicide. His father shot him and his mom before turning the gun on himself.

    This completely shocked me and completely disoriented me. I found distraction in the Mavs game tonight, but still ended with discussion of Ian. I want to say that I am alright, but i know i'm not, i can't cry, i can't believe anything that is going on. It seems too much like a movie. Perhaps, we already said our final goodbyes? I knew that I wasn't going to be seeing much of him since i was going to stay in college in Texas.. while he was going to go to N. Carolina for school.

    Crazy eh?
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    You clearly aren't over these things and need a more clear understanding, that there is a difference between when someone dies a natural death, and homocide-suicide.

    You see life is like sand, you can only hold it for a short while before it slips from your hand , therefore this is the reason why you need to cherish it and the moment you live it.

    Imagine you died... instead of your father or your friends. Would you love to see your dad or your friends in tears and anguish, feeling miserable for the rest of their lives ,unable to move on in grieve over the loss of you? Of course not!, you would want them to live their lives as happy as possible and to move on leading their lives , so instead of dying for your friends and father start LIVING for them.

    When someone commits suicide or murder, the darkness and hatred of that news will come over us like a tidal wave, and fill us with sadness and shock, and destablize our very core essence which is love.

    The soul lives on forever, that is my belief, and our meaning in life is to love and help other people, if everyone does that then we can make our planet one of smiles instead of tears, and it DOES make all the difference, its an exaggerated example but in ww2 you can see how people killing eachother effectivly ruined millions of lives, and what happens in our enviroment influences us directly, so its important to create a happy loving enviroment to avoid misery and pain.
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    I know sort of what you are going through. In April 2005 one of long time friends committed suicide, then my best friend died of cancer, then my father died, then my estranged husband was whirlwind of hurt. Time makes things easier. Only time.

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