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    I posted this on a dream forum and I'm not getting any feed back and I didn't know where else to put this on OT. I'm also in the middle of some girl trouble and I'll be posting that soon...possibly after the shower I'm about to take. Hope the dream is entertaining:

    Alright, I just woke up with my heart beating out of my chest, and had to get this writen down and some feed back on it. Alright its already starting to face but here it goes:

    I'm with a friend of mine Krystina, she's actually closer to an aquantence but definatly more than that. She invites me to go to the new water park that disneyworld has just opened up. We drive there and on the drive we are on a winding mountain road over looking this post apocoliptic, shelled out town/city that is next to an ocean. I'm in the car freaking out about how, "this is just how I pictured it", "this is so cool". I can't remember why I thought it was the best thing ever, but apparently I did. Right as we were getting to the park the road turns off away from the view of the city and I strain myself looking back and see a red sign on a building facing the ocean that is a recognizable logo, maybe it was a movie theater or something like that I can't remember but it strengthened the feeling of how totally awsome that bombed out city was.

    So we get to the park and all of a sudden we're walking around this strange waterpark. Krystina magicaly has a bathing suit on and I'm in my favorite pair of jeans and an orange sweater for some reason. We are watching this log flume ride that when it hits the bottom it submerges you for what looked like a really long time. I can still vidly see the asian family looking at me when they came out from under the water. Krystina starts to walk towards the entrance and I say, "we cant do the water one first, then we will be wet all day." She seems to agree with this and we walk down the main drag in the park.

    The theme is aligators, lots and lots of giant cartoon aligators. We are walking on a pathe that was probably 30 feet wide and on either side of it were deep trophs with water running and lots of water slides emptying out into them. There didn't seem to be any sort of rhyme or reason to it, all the slides were guilt into the buildings and there were ropes on inclines and stuff for people to climb. I remember a little girl in a pink bathing suit climbing a rope up to "alligator bridge". This was just a giant alligator tail that went over the walkway we were on and then stopped at a structure on the other side.

    Eventually we walk intoa gift shop, we are milling around for no longer then like 30 seconds and then I have to get back outside because my show is on. I am really stessed all of a sudden about getting back outside to see my show, I think it was battlestar galactica. So I grab Krystina and we start pushing to the door we came in and the girl behind the register says we can't go out that way. I try to explain why we need to get out the door but for some reason the words just don't come out and the girl seems to be really pissed off at me. I can't rememeber if it was me or Krystina who gives in but we go out the other door and I say its fine I'll just download it and see the end.

    We are now in a fenced off area away from the main strip and, kind of like when your at a theme park and you know your in an employee area because there is no "show" for the eyes anymore. The next couple of minutes are pretty fuzzy but we end up through a door and are once again overlooking the shelled out city.

    All of a sudden we are in a golf cart and the radio in it is on to a speech from a disney executive about how they are going to keep the resistance down and we're not going to lose anymore men...its kind of fuzzy. So we drive down this hill on a dirt road lined with sand bags and I'm really excited and say, "man I hope they give tours." Everything is brown and black as we get closer and I get the feeling something is wrong. We get to the bottom of the hill and I see that the road spilts and one side is blocked off by a huge sandbag wall so we turn left and I can see a soldier firing his fun about 100 yeards away from us into the city. I turn my head back and see a huge mud patch in the road, we hit it and it is noticable the ifference in traction (the golf cart has like 4 rows of seats by the way). We go around another sharp turn and see some cars coming in our direction. I tell Krystina that I think we should turn around and she agrees.

    We turn around and start to go and the cars are catching up to us. We hit the mud path again and one of the cars, a powder blue GTO passes up. For a second the sence of, "oh my god I'm going to die" goes away. We get out of the mud patch and are pacing the GTO. I see the drivers side window come down and someone from the passenger seat lean over and a MAC10 appears out the window. I grab the wheel of the golf cart and Krystina and I are fighting with it to try and get out of the way of the spray of bullets. She gets hit and I can see it as a flash of red in in eye site. Kind of like a first person shooter heads up display telling you you just got hit on the right side, I'm sure someone knows what I'm talking about. Krystina dies and since she is no longer pushing the gas peddle the golf cart comes to a stop. I jump out and slam myself onto a fence, the fence was brown with rust and mud. I had a hard time pulling myself up. As I got to the top of the fence. BAM, I wake up clutching my body pillow with heart pounding.

    What the hell was that about? Any ideas. The idea that all that awfulness could be going on right nest to a themepark where everything is supposed to be happy and fun is still really weirding me out.

    I'd appreciate any input.
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    um.... me and my friend guy shot up at a post apocoliptic disney world.
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    Is there something going on in your life that seems happy, but there could be some underlying issues of unhappiness or something of the like? Idk, hard to say...
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    I have had some scary nightmares about real life shit that are really unsettling lately.... but it doesn't really effect my day life so I don't care.
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    Step 1: Change your avatar, lol.

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