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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by metalfan111, Aug 17, 2006.

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    A year ago, I was the most laid back person ever, didn't worry or stress about hardly anything. But overtime, I've been getting very paranoid. Now I'm at the point where I Have to check things 5-10 times and if I don't, I'll stress out like shit about it.

    I think it came from my Mom because she is a little paranoid, checks things a few times, and also comes from getting caught doing shit, so now I try to be more careful, but I've grown to be too careful.

    It's a bunch of small things too, like when I park my car, I'll check like 6 times to make sure its in the right gear, and sometimes after I walk away from the car, I'll have to go back and check again.

    It's hard to describe how it really is, but I am so paranoid it makes me so uneasy and stressed out all the time, so stressed out I get headaches. Like if I see someone far away laughing, I'll think they are laughing at me and I'll freak out. I worry about everything and it makes my life horrible.

    Sometimes I'll read over my post like 8 times just to make sure its right, even though there are no problems. Its such a pain in the ass.

    I described it the best I could so if any of you could offer any advice, please help.
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    i wouldn't just walk in and ask for xanax specificlly. It tends to be very addicting and alot of docs from what i have heard now-a-days don't prescribe it as much.

    Just go talk to a doc about pills for controlling anxiety.
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    Lexapro is what Im on, and I like it. Its not addicting, and has less side effects than xanax. I wouldn't want to eat xanax everyday unless I had to, and lexapro makes it so I don't.
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    We'll I experience the same thing. Even though I don't believe mine is sever enough to need medication. Eventually I get so mad and frusterated at myself that I just go ok it's time to trust yourself and walk away. I find myself checking crap 2-5 times. Sadly it's learned and taught in school. Then I got influenced by the fact that I'm a perfectionist and I have to have everything perfect. You just gotta step back one day from the car and walk. Locked or unlocked thats the way it is and that is how it is. You have to force yourself to stop. You have acklowedged it's a problem by telling us so no attend to it by stopping yourself. No matter the stress. But then again you said your getting headaches so maybe I'm not right. But I do feel ya bro because I experience the same crap.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Having compulsion neurosis is a bitch.

    Basically your brain is like a car, for the correct functioning you need to know, when to give gass and when to break. If you don't break you crash, if you don't give gass you get nowhere, so both functions are equally important, its basically a tick you got from your mother, your her son so you might be susceptible genetically whise to such a form of behaviour.

    Basically you have to re-learn, how to 'start' + 'stop'.

    You do something DONE, (no re-check) , you might even try games where you are forced to 'stop' or 'start' so you train your brain when its appropriate to perform action, to stop or to move on.
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    You're on your way to the oCd Sandbox. Hmmm...not good. Sounds like you need to take a vacation...stress man, stress will just eat you up alive and make you do the weirdest things...I used to take me 3 (yes, 3 boys & girls) frickin hours to get home from the office and the office was just a block away...yup..had to go back and check and re-check and check and re-check my nauseum
    I haven't done that stuff for was going on right after a very traumatic event and I was soooooooooooooo stressed. Of course all of this is as plain as day 20 some odd years later, but, the point I am trying to make here (and I do have valid points..):
    1) Stress will make you do weird shit.
    2) There is some schools of thought that think oCd is genetic.
    3) Self-talk...really. I took CBT eons ago...thought it was all a bunch of clap trap at the time, but now, it is my very best friend. Tell yourself in the most harshest of terms that you've checked and it's okay.
    4) Make a check list-check once-and that's it.
    5) Wear a big fat nasty elastic around your wrist and after you have done #4 and you feel the need to re-check, you just go ahead and snap that elastic band on your wrist...give it a good thunk...make it hurt a wee bit and think about wtf you are doing...having the need to re-check---HA!
    6) If all else fails there is always bug juice, a comfy couch etc. HA! You'll wind up even more weirded MY opinion.

    Seriously, your brain is like a needle stuck in a groove on a record...time to re-think about what is going wrong in your life to make make you do this stuff. I am a proponent of ATTITUDE CHANGE and figuring things out. The kicker is tho, that sometimes it takes a very long time for the lightbulb to go on over one's head and make one say "Holy that's why I have been weirded out/stressed/etc." Once you get to the point where you realize wtf is happening in your attic, the rest is's just a bitch tho getting to that point of realization and for that, I have no directions just might happen to you more quickly, who knows?

    Take a few days off, ALONE, think about your stuff and what if your posts are a syntax horror (or God forbid you left out a comma)...who gives a rat's ass?

    There is only one of YOU and that in itself is unique and wonderful and I bet you do you like nobody else. How cool is that?


    :) Smile.

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