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  1. I just finished watching Crest of the Stars 1-12, and maybe 13 (i'm not sure about the last) and was wondering if anyone knew how many episodes Banner of the Stars was/is and Crest of the Stars as well....also, i read something about Battle Flag of the Stars. Is that related?

    Mucho appreciato por helpo
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    Jun 17, 2002
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    yea, mage pretty much got everything down. i liked this series a lot and how each series presented a different aspect of their lives. i've seen everything but the last 2 specials mentioned... they're hard to find :/.
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    Unfortunately, I got them a long time ago only to find out they were English-dubbed :barf:

    Don't bother with the two specials other than the prequel one; they are just like those notorious review-episodes in Gundam series, fucking :greddy: as hell...those extra footages aren't really worth the time if you've seen the series and understand everything. :o
  4. wow, that is great info guys, thanx. i really really liked this series for some reason....the characters touched me in a personal way that i haven't felt in a while. it's a great series

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