GUN criminal caught with a semi-auto rifle

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    April 11, 2007

    Investigation leads to the arrest of 12 Jackson residents
    The Clarion-Ledger

    The Hinds County Sheriff’s Department announced today that an investigation has led to the arrests 12 Jackson residents during the past week, netting large quantities of crack cocaine as well as marijuana and ecstasy.

    Several firearms, including a semi-automatic rifle, scales and electronic equipment and $4,200 in cash were seized.

    According to the Department, those arrested were:
    Derrick Carter, 28, of 519 Woodward Ave.
    Darnell Jackson, 21, of 3103 Sears St.
    Mario Sanders, 27, of 3103 Sears St.
    Albert Earl Thomas, 30, of 1019 Lanier Ave.
    Jerrick Fultz, 24, of 820 Pascagoula St.
    Lee Fultz, 25, of 6857 Harriet Truman Drive.
    Azarus Jenkins, 22, of 2139 Morton Ave.
    Andrew Thomas, 21, 360 Valley St.
    Frederick Champion, 22, 2121 Valley St.
    Gary Cavett, 24, 222 Lea Circle
    Charles Thompson, 27, 2407 Utah St.
    Robert Washington, 27, of 116 Tennessee St.

    Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said more arrests are expected in the investigation.

    oh noes, a semi-auto rifle, those can be used to kill people :noes:

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    Nov 12, 2003
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    I'd rather they say that than something like "a semi-automatic machine gun" :run:
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    South Carolina
    they also said they netted a large amount of crack cocaine, marajuana, and ecstasy. My guess is these african americans werent supposed to have firearms
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    they just wanted an excuse to say automatic, to make it look worse. i wish criminals would use 5 round bolt action guns, then maybe those fudd faggots would realize some things.

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