GUN Criminals aren't the smartest people...

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    CARROLL, New York (CNN) -- Authorities took Ralph "Buck" Phillips, one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, into custody Friday evening, a law enforcement source said. He has been on the lam since April.
    No gunfire was exchanged, the source said.
    Phillips was spotted Friday afternoon in a western New York park and shots were fired during the ensuing chase, federal officials said.
    Phillips stole two cars, police said, one of which he abandoned. Police found camouflage clothing in the abandoned car, as well as the hat Phillips was wearing in a federal law enforcement wanted poster.
    The FBI on Thursday added Phillips to its Ten Most Wanted list. (Watch for scenes from Friday's pursuit when shots were fired -- 3:45)
    Phillips is accused of shooting a New York state trooper in Chemung County on June 10 and two more troopers in Chautauqua County on August 31. One of the troopers shot in August died.
    The 44-year-old Native American escaped from the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden, New York, after prying open a roof vent in the jail's kitchen area with a can opener.

    This happened a couple counties away from me. My cousin was staying in the area when this guy apparently shot two police officers. My cousin heard the shots, too. Bucky had less than 5 days left in his sentence until he was going to be released.
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    what a fucking idiot

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