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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by rubba-chikin, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Well I am trying to learn a bit of CSS and am just looking at examples I find on the net and W3school tuts and the like. I figured a fair bit out mucking around with the examples but I am stuck.


    Each of the fields still have text in them just for ease of knowing which bits are what. The CSS is all included in the page, view the source to see it. I will seperate it later to its own individual file, but while I'm mucking around with it I find it a lot easier to keep it as one file for now.

    Anyway thats where I am at the mo, it looks okay in IE, but firefox throws in these blank gaps inbetween some of the parts and I cannot figure out why...

    I also want the page to extend down through the middle "left and right" sections and touch the bottom of the window like it does at the top which I can't figure out either.

    Am I even doing the correct thing? I'm not sure cause I just used the best examples I could find and played with it to see what bits did then pretty much cut, paste and experiment till it looked like something that I wanted.

    If someone would be so kind as to give me or point me in the direction of a css file for a more complex site with a decent graphical layout for example: http://www.archonmedia.com/genocide/ (something like that) it would be much appreciated cause atm all I can really find is simple non-graphical layouts.

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