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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JBunni, Jun 21, 2009.

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    So, recently this girl has come back into my family's/friends lives. I personally do not like her, but my friends and family seem to.

    Issue: My fiance wants to invite her to the wedding, and have her sit at our wedding party table because she 'wont know anyone else there.' I dont mind her coming to the wedding, but I dont want her sitting at the table with my closest friends and family.

    Background: She was/has been friends with my cousins and friends, the group my fiance used to hang out with til he moved. She was also best friends with his sister. I do not particularly like her for several reasons. I realize most of this is in the past, but add it all up and it seems like good reason to me, I'm curious what OT thinks, am I crazy?

    Way back before my fiance and I were dating, he had this crush on her. She had a crush on his best friend (my cousin) and later used my fiance to actually get to his brother for while. She has also dated my fiance's cousin for a while too. Then while my cousin was in a LDR with another girl, he cheats with girl 1. (I realize this is not all her fault, he was a total moron, but we're not focusing on him now) So to me, thus far she seems like kind of a whore.
    Also, shes made other bad decisions, sneaking out of the house to get drunk/high with some guys 4 -5 years older than her, which resulted in her falling out of the back of a truck and smashing her face on the pavement. (Neither my fiance or cousin are the kind of people who get drunk/high, so its not like any of us consider this 'acceptable' behavior) This I believe was around the time my cousin was either dating/ into her.
    When I would go to visit, she wouldnt talk to me, or even attempt to talk with me. We hang out with the same people, and even when I was by myself with her as the only person I 'knew' for a while, she found other people to talk to and wouldnt even say hi to me. I've been told this is because she is 'shy'...I think that is BS. She has a loud and somewhat obnoxious attitude with eveyone else.

    Now shes been out of the picture for almost a year through different circumstances. And now all of a sudden shes back. Which I'm fine with. I honestly wish her all the happiness in the world, and if my friends/family want to be friends with her that is their business. Within the first two weeks of her 'getting back', she gets drunk and drunk dials my cousin. This kind of pisses me off because I dont really want her acting like that around my family. My cousin finally got back with his LDR girlfriend, who I really like. In fact, she is my maid of honor. And now this girl he already screwed up with is back in the picture drunk dialing him? I know its not my business, and I'm not going to tell him who he can/cannot hang out with, but I dont have to like her either. And I dont think I am being unfair in not wanting her at my wedding party table. Any thoughts?
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    Sounds like you have legitimate reasons for not having her sit with you. (Not for the whorishness or fiance's crush part, but because she'd made no attempt to communicate with you).

    It's your wedding too, therefore you shouldn't have to sit uncomfortably with someone who you don't want to sit next to.

    I agree that it's totally cool she's at the wedding, but being at your table is a place of honor, not a place of mere tolerance.

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