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Jun 25, 2003
Lol atleast from a cost savings point of view. I just spent $125.00 so far on my new setup, still needs a bit more work, but it'll get done eventually. I bought a used muffler off ebay which came from an CBR 954rr, 50 bux shipped, 15 for the hanger clamp, 60 for custom piping, (with flange,centerstand stop & Clamp) @ an exhaust shop. I plan to shorten the muffler to remove the scratch on the canister & repack it at same time. and try and shine up the midpipe with some sand paper. All in All i think it beats paying $400.00+ ....for $400.00 i could get an exhaust system for my mustang with 2 mufflers & alot more piping, so it's hard to justify spending so much for so very little. Anyways im ready to be flamed, but heres a clip below. Just thought I'd share so others dont feel forced to buyin to such high prices! Even if your bike has an under tail exhaust a good fabricator should have no problem. Has anyone else done anything like this?



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Jun 25, 2003
eh the wind noise is louder! at part throttle. All i hear is wind mostly when riding it. I dont think video quality is necessarily a good judge of how low somthing is....just what it sounds like. That was a quiet empty street with not much ambient noise . For example heres the video of the straight pipe which i had made before getting the muffler, on the same street, & it sounds way louder then the above exhaust.



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Feb 15, 2007
Random Location.FL
I can hear the lope when you are out of sight. :rofl:

It looks like you are in a bit of a valley. I'm too used to florida. If you can hear a vehicle that well from that far away here, it is or not.

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