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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Skoles, Jun 29, 2005.

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    I'm a graphic designer for a sign company and we are trying to streamline our system of logging jobs. I in no way have a hand in this, but I'm trying to help the company out by just throwing some alternatives out there.

    We use a program called Cyrius (sp?) for salesmen to enter the jobs. Things like customer info/dimentions/material/description/notes/costs are the typical info. These are given to us, we design it on a layout template we made in Illustrator and all dept. generally go by that for info.

    We need to create more in-depth order forms to prevent mistakes & hang-ups from the layout process all the way out to the fabrication & install deparments. Including things like paint/vinyl colors, finishing, materials. They Cyrius system we use doesn't cut it and is bug-ridden and horrible in general (from what I hear). They are looking around at different companies that offer software that try to do what we need. I don't know what they've looked at but I've always heard of FileMaker Pro being great and very customizable. Things like keeping track of file locations, fonts, images & previews of the jobs are big points in the software package they're looking for.

    Is there something out there that anyone can recommend or would FileMaker be something worth looking into (free trial download).

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    The best way to keep track of your files, images, and preview jobs is done simply by maintaining good house keeping on your server. Organize files by jobs and categories jobs by client. Keep all your used files in a folder with a sensible name and the unused images/files in another folder. To purchase software that could be done simply by utilizing simple house keeping practices is absurd and is a waste of money. Especially for something you are probably going to drop an easy 8k on. Make a proposal to your boss and have him start a meeting to start utilizing these "practices".

    As for an application to keep track of jobs and customer detail, you could probably get someone to write a custom web application for you guys. I wouldn't suggest having someone write you guys an application to a specific OS, because, assuming that you're graphic designers chances are most of you will have different operating systems (graphic designers, salesmen, etc...). Hire a programmer.
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    The physical files we work one are well organized. The year is quartered up (05a, 05b,etc) and jobs are named "Customer - # - description" (ex: "Reebok 18 - NY Finding the jobs is not the issue, but keeping a central record of what each job requires/has is what we're trying to do.

    The problem is finding a system that lets the salesmen & everyone else input this & other info into one printable workorder efficently and Cyrius doesn't do that (our computers don't use it either). After a job is approved by the customer the workorder is updated by the salesmen & "pinked" (printed on pink paper) for approval to print/build. We as designers & the fabricators/installers out back do not use Cyrius, but require something that will let us enter detailed items about jobs.

    We have a web-based program that can do this, it was programmed by our design manager, but it can't interface with Cyrius because of how Cyrius works. We call it "PAdonk" for Production-Assistant Donkey :) It allows us to enter quite a bit of info but doesn't the databasing & stuff that Cyrius apparently uses.
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    Anyone else?
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    I've been in the same situation and I created a system in house that does something similar - it's truly the only way to go. And because you don't have to be super flexible like out-of-the-box apps, it's not that hard to do (not to mention they keep you on to make further changes ;) )

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