Cutting & Resealing heatpipes v. Xeon/SI-9XV

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by eighteen_psi, Nov 30, 2005.

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    So I have a pair of Thermalright SI-9XV heatsinks (the sideways 92mm heatpipe variety) for my Xeons..I got them because the Supermicro's I run are hard-pressed to keep my new 3.2 Gallatins cool without a stupid amount of air over them. Heatsinks shown here:

    I asked thermalright and they quoted me some measurements...I compared them with my case (a 4U SGI rackmount) and figured they'd be fine...tight, but fine.

    They don't fit...the heatpipe 'terminations' stick out above the fin area, and those are what don't clear the lid. Apparently their height quote was for the sink itself. Anyway...I love the sinks...they keep the things on ice with hardly any air at all. Chopping the case is out of the question...but chopping the pipes isn't.

    I know how pipes work in theory, but I'm wondering if anyone has practical experience that could help me decide whether or not to try this stunt. I'm thinking of chopping the pipes, plugging them slightly further down and welding the tops...then grinding/polishing them flush with the top of the sink.

    I see no reason this won't work....but what do I need to know before trying it? Obviously I don't do this when they're hot as hell...but is room temp OK? Should I/can I freeze them? Whats likely in there?

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