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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Werm, May 27, 2007.

  1. Werm

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    Today while at my dads friend's farm we had a target set out for 185 yards. My CZ 75 compact was able to hit it... as well as my dads Kimber Raptor :bowdown:

    It was a 5" spinner target BTW
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  2. Grouch

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  3. Werm

    Werm Guest

    I shot all 13 rounds in my CZ (slowly... aiming and judging from impacts where to shot next) and hit it with the 13th round. Dad's kimber hit it on the 8th round when he was shooting

    Edit: this wasn't free-hand of course. We used a bench rest.
  4. Werm

    Werm Guest

    Side note: The mini-14 with wolf was shooting 3/4 at 185 yards (the 5" spinner)
  5. mds2004

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    wow what an old target :hsugh:
  6. Werm

    Werm Guest

    When I was using the anschutz .22 I was hitting almost 100/100 :hsugh:

    Fucker is a tack driver. I've always had good luck with anschutz... I need to pick on up :eek3:
  7. Werm

    Werm Guest

    Old target?
  8. PanzerAce

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    you put 185 YEARS, rather than yards in the first post :o
  9. Werm

    Werm Guest

    Whoops :rofl:

    We were sighting in our elk rifles for this fall at over 380 yards... no one could hit the bullseye :hs:

    Closest was about 2" off target (the farthest ring)

    We didn't have wind/range charts.
  10. Werm

    Werm Guest

    After my dads shooting with the raptor I have new respect for 1911's and Kimbers in whole.

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