A&P D90, or D300, or D300s?? D90 replacement?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by HaloZ, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I have a D80 and the noise at high ISO is killing me.. i can't stand it any more.

    2/3 of my shooting is Auto related, both Track and drift and hard parking. day/night/ect..

    and the other 1/3 is walk around and night shots, usually long exposure on a tri so low iso has been no issue.

    but lately i have been hitting a few concerts and lets just say a D80 at 1000 ISO at 1/40th just doesn't cut it.

    the cheapest is the D90 with a great ISO performance and my D80's grip will work on it, but i could really use the added Speed from a gripped D300/s at the track.

    video is a non factor.

    price wise, im looking at New or factory refurbished for some kind of piece of mind... cuz honestly, i really don't want to get someone's gremlined shooter, just to have it sent in for repair for a lot more than i could pay for something with an OEM 90 day warrentee that i will have some time to feel it out and make sure it's 5X5..

    advise needed.

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    I'll be unbiased even though I am selling a D300 right now that's in perfect shape and for $1050 shipped...wink wink.

    I never owned the D80 but played around with them, but I did have a D90 that I used quite a bit, then D300, and now D700.

    The guts from the D90 and D300 are the same...same sensor, same low-light and high ISO ability (there might be minimal differences, but essentially the same). The D90 is nice as they've just tumbled in price and the layout is the exact same as the D80, so you'll feel comfortable. The reason that I never understood when going to the D200, D300, and D700 of course is the body. It's 10x nicer, bulkier, sealed, materials are awesome (the rubber grip is nuts). The D90 construction and build isn't bad, but compared to the D300 it feels like a Canon...I kid, I kid, sorta.

    The other thing that you mentioned that is nice is the MB-D10 grip will get you up to 8FPS as it sounds like you're completely aware. The grip is awesome and made from the same construction as the camera (while the MB-D80 grip is just cheap plastic), the downside is that it's also a $200 grip used.

    I hope that helps and seriously, if you're interested in a D300...lemme know. ;)
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    D90 plus noise ninja equals poor mans d700
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    used D300

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