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Jun 13, 2001
Can rabbit turds kill grass?

I have a shitload of rabbits hanging out in a particular area of my backyard leaving turds there and I’ve noticed some browning of my grass there.

I’m considering putting up some chicken wire on my fence where they are entering
You should be able to buy wolf or fox urine, or other predator scent, and drive them out with a few applications of that to the area. My mother used to use those sorts of products to keep critters away from her gardens.

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Looks like I picked the wrong week....
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Jul 21, 2004
The Potato Field
What an awful way to go, though. :hs:
i tried yesterday on the bike

basically caused the city to run out of water once i got home. 4 pints of water, 32oz of gatorade, 16oz of chocci milk, pint of fruit juice, 1 beef jerky , 3 advil and i still felt like death


then at 130am i acid refluxed a bunch of that and thought i was gonna die because i couldn't breathe. fucking rad.
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